E. Herrera-Viedma  viedma@decsai.ugr.es , F. Chiclana chiclana@dmu.ac.uk Y.C. Dong ycdong@scu.edu.cn Jian Wu  jyajian@163.com and F.J. Cabrerizo cabrerizo@issi.uned.es

Societal and technological trends make the decision environments more and more complex. The emergence of the intelligent decision making technology provides a good decision support to deal with these complex decision making problems, and soft computing plays a core role in the intelligent decision making technology. In recent years, intelligent decision support systems based on soft computing and artificial intelligence techniques have attracted the attention of academic, researchers and practitioners in a wide range of multidisciplinary areas from computing science, engineering, operations research, economics and also management.

 Intelligent decision support systems based on soft computing are of great importance to deal with complex decision environments, and involve the design of mathematical models for modeling decision problems, the use of different Information Technologies (such as the Web and social networks), Artificial Intelligence tools (such as Computational Intelligence tools), and deep learning methods based development

 The objective of this special session is to attract researchers with an interest in the research area described above. Specifically, we are interested in the contributions towards the development of mathematical models for modeling decision problems, as well as soft computing approaches that are able to deal with complex decision information (such as uncertain and inconsistency information). Special attentions are to be paid

1) The applications of the intelligent decision approaches on various domains, and

2) The performance comparisons of various decision making procedures.

 Papers describing advanced prototypes, systems, tools and techniques and general survey papers indicating future directions are also encouraged.

 Indicative, but not complete, lists of topics covered in this focus session include: 

• Fuzzy preference modeling in intelligent decision support systems

• Intelligent negotiation systems

• Intelligent decision making in complex and dynamic contexts

• Fuzzy consensus and decision making in Web frameworks

• Consistency issues in preference modeling

• Intelligent decision making system for big data

• Aggregation of preferences based on soft computing

• Missing preferences in the intelligent decision making

• Applications of the intelligent decision support systems as in supplier selection, ensemble classifiers, portfolio selection, resource allocation, social networks, web.

• Comparison analysis regarding different intelligent decision making models

You may submit your contribution as direct submission to Prof. Enrique Herrera Viedma by email : viedma@decsai.ugr.es,

Please follw the submission details stated at SOMET2017 web site: http://somet2017.iwate-pu.net/