Xing Wu , Yinglin Wang

Building systems with artificial intelligence or machine learning has become a topic of increasing interest for both researchers and developers from academic fields and industries worldwide. This session will focus on the application of artificial intelligence in the text mining and unmanned systems.

The text mining with artificial intelligence could apply to business intelligence or software requirement analysis and so on. The artificial intelligence will be the main approach of the unmanned system research. The explosive number of artificial intelligence algorithms and increasing computational power of computers have significantly extended the number of potential applications for text mining and unmanned systems. It has also brought new challenges to the research community.

The objective of this special session is to attract researchers with an interest in the research area described above. Specifically, we are interested in the contributions towards the development of mathematical models for text mining and unmanned systems, as well as deep learning approaches that are able to deal with complex situations.   

Papers describing advanced prototypes, systems, tools and techniques and general survey papers indicating future directions are also encouraged.

Indicative, but not complete, lists of topics covered in this focus session include: 

• Artificial   Intelligence

• Text mining and its applications

• Ground, Air, Surface and Underwater Autonomous Vehicles

• Multi-agent Systems

• Control and Computation of Intelligent Systems

• Control and Computation

• Robotics and Biomimetics

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